Advertisers and Agencies

Mass Transport Advertising Solution.

Ads are common now, and the travelling public are not offended by seeing them. You the advertiser have total control over the schedule of injection via our proprietary Wi-Fi hotspots on public transport vehicles. We offer complete planning of the campaigns: period, timing, budget and locations.

MCT will drive visitors' engagement: set up your geo-targeted marketing campaigns, wherever they go, there you are! Activate campaigns based on the free internet access tools we offer passengers. Convert our free public Wi-Fi into a powerful marketing tool and deliver your message and brand direct to the client while in transit.

Content Injection for WiFi Monetisation

MCT deliver content to internet-connected devices, be it laptops, tablets or mobile device, on any browser without requiring additional any client software. Custom content like ad's, news, alerts and games can be scheduled to appear on any webpage that the user is surfing.

Public Transport

MCT will give your passengers a reliable Wi-Fi network in transit. Passengers can effortlessly utilise their time on-board to check mail, surf the net and keep themselves up to date during their journey. We use specifically designed transport durable hardware that ensures a stable communication service over a rugged terrain and harsh operational environment such as temperature and electrical voltage fluctuation. We provide the best available Wi-Fi coverage to the physical location of the bus any the given time.

We survey routes in advance in order to ensure the optimise coverage. MCT is independent of and non reliant upon any one particular telecommunications provider. As soon as the passenger logs onto the MCT Wi-Fi network, a registration page will open, enabling user identification. Following this, there is unrestricted internet access.

Use Case: FMCGS

Many companies spend thousands of dollars annually on static billboards that are placed on busy highways and junctions. They are an excellent source of branding. The question that’s hard to answer is: How many passengers on public transport view and/or engage. Advertisers on the MCT platform are taking a similar message and delivering it directly to the passengers phone.

These impressions can be video, animated GIF’s or static ad’s. Viewers can be directed to websites and social media pages thereby adding millions of hits to any page per month. The MCT platform allows targeted advertising direct to passengers who travel daily to and from work in the city. You are able to track delivery of your adverts in realtime. We can deliver specific content, targeted by location, time, date, sex and age; our platform allows you to direct passengers to your website.

MCT digital marketing provides user opportunities for: Manufacturers, Retailers, NGO’s, Churches, Online Sports Betting & more. Unlike traditional media (television, radio and billboards) MCT’s platform delivers customers directly to your site after viewing your advert or promo. The average internet user is aged between 18-30 years old, with around 75% being male and they are using our product whilst travelling. They are sitting on public transport using our free internet access which makes their journey more enjoyable. We guarantee to increase the number of viewers to your website. You will be able to see the live numbers of people that have visited your site, or link to your site, using tools such as google analytics.

Use Case: CASINO

Customer loyalty is a huge win for casinos. How do many casinos find success in bringing in new players and motivating them to become loyal customers? The answer – data.

Practically since the inception of the gaming industry, casinos have used all sorts methods to collect valuable data to learn about prospective and current casino customers. These insights are key for casinos to create effective marketing strategies to keep guests engaged and interested in their locations.

The goal hasn’t changed – learn what customers want from a casino, but the means to the end has evolved. For casinos who are looking for an additional tool to gather key customer insights, improve the effectiveness of marketing strategies, and run analytical technologies to understand on-site traffic behaviour to, take a seat at the table of MCT Free WiFi.


Knowledge is power. Imagine taking what you already know about your customers’ online behaviour and applying that data to their actions when they’re onsite. Social, demographic, and contact data is a crucial resource for businesses that want to make the most of their social marketing strategies.

The only downside to online-specific marketing is it leaves out the group of people who are already on site at your location. However, by utilizing WiFi as a tool for targeted marketing, that is no longer the case.

Any casino that provides free WiFi to guests now has the potential to unlock a powerful marketing and advertising tool to showcase to their on-site guests. By using MCT Free WiFi technology known as an advanced captive portal tool, casinos can change what was a basic and uninspiring WiFi connection process, and flip into a new and exciting branded experience.

With a branded captive portal, when players log onto the free WiFi, they’ll be greeted with the same type of engaging advertisements that are used to entice a casino’s social audience.

Even better, when WiFi users click on these advertisements that project straight to the screens of their devices, they can be sent to a specific web page or social page that online users visit to be added to social retargeting campaigns.

On the flip side, casinos can use data collected from onsite guests to inform and improve digital marketing efforts. Custom surveys can be used to collect survey responses from guests. Ask onsite players about favorite games, restaurants, shows, or other amenities provided on the property.

Find out how they heard about the casino or ask if them they plan to return. Once you know what your players enjoy the most, take that data back to your online crowd, create more engagement, and increase casino loyalty.

Progressive profiling is another ace up your sleeve to use for collecting key data to improve the guest experience. Timely marketing emails can be sent to ask a customer for feedback, or more information about how you can improve the experience, each time they come back. Active surveying of guests helps you develop informative customer profiles over time – rather than bombarding a guest with information when they are trying to shop online or get on the guest WiFi. Over time, you’ll have a wealth of data, happier customers, and stronger casino loyalty.


Enterprise businesses like casinos juggle a lot of new (and sometimes) overlapping technology that may cause some conflict between platforms. Don’t end up folding on some of your technology platforms – instead, leverage smart integrations to make the data work in flow with each other, and of course, for you.

Does your reward program talk to your POS or to your hotel management system? How about your online store to your guest WiFi? With MCT Free WiFi paired with Zapier, there is potential to integrate your WiFi network to work in conjunction with dozens, if not hundreds, of POS, email blast, and similar type systems. Now, when guests use utilize the WiFi under Smart WiFi that collected data can be sent to other platforms for optimal data sharing.


Using an integrated management system will only increase the pot that is the customer experience. Let’s say you know your customers love shopping for local treasures, and their devices are connected to the guest WiFi near the gift shop. Target those guests either an email or SMS message that includes a promotion for 25% off when they spend over $100. You’ve now created a custom experience for a known guest, effectively increasing average revenue per customer and encouraging loyalty to your casino.

You can take the same email and SMS marketing strategy and apply it to promote other onsite amenities to guests. Any successful casino collects some form of data on what games drive the biggest crowds. Use that data to work in conjunction with your onsite marketing efforts and inform guests about new games or attractions on the property.

It’s important not only market onsite amenities to guests, but also to make sure they are easily accessible. MCT Free WiFi takes an entire network, and turns into a big data beast in terms analytics for foot traffic, and heat-mapping.

Analytical technologies have exploded in the casino industry as a needed tool for helping these companies understand how guests navigate and interact throughout the property.

WiFi analytics provides key data points to help casinos understand what games players love, how they navigate throughout the property, and how traffic patterns fluctuate over time. This key data is essential in optimizing placement of games like slight machines, poker tables, or amenities like restaurants, bars, and gift shops. To make guest a happy and loyal, you need to not only know what they like, but they sure it’s easily accessible.

If you’re a casino or gaming business who’s looking for a new and innovative platform to help collect big data, then MCT Free WiFi is the tool for you. MCTs versatile Free WiFi platform brings the power of marketing, advertising, and analytics and runs it through the WiFi network offered to your guests.

Bridge the gap between online and offline players, improve integrations between other software platforms, optimize placement of your games and poker tables, and build reliable customer personas for improved marketing efforts and on-site experience – all through the power of Smart WiFi. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a demo to see our platform in action. In life, there’s never a sure bet, that is, until MCT Free WiFi.